Loveboat Tom Brady Has Some Advice for Tony Romo: Ditch Bimbo

tonoyromo-simpsonIf anyone thinks the controversy over the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson love affair would have fizzled their public companionship, they are dead wrong. MSNBC reports that Simpson accompanied Romo on his weekly radio gig “Inside the Huddle” on Dec. 26. WTF?

Why is Romo bringing this bimbo to a football radio interview? I honestly don’t see the benefit to this. Why couldn’t he have sent her to Wendy’s or something for a large chili and chicken salad instead of holding his hand, bad thumb in all, during the interview?

Now, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sees the situation is a problem for Romo. Yes, the same Tom Brady who is no newcomer to females and bad relationships, but who has somehow been able to keep it out of the limelight during FOOTBALL SEASON! This “advice” comes through a secret friend, though. So Brady didn’t directly provide the advice. But, hey, this is an MSNBC gossip reporter and she has to be spot on, right? As if this chick is even friends with someone who knows Tom Brady is a remote possibility, but worth entertaining here a little bit. But the rest is for my other blog I do on Soap Operas.

Brady’s friend chimes in:

“After that debacle of a game with Jessica being flashed on the screens during every play, Tom told Tony to put a stop to allowing Jess to come to games. Think about it: How often do you see Gisele [Bundchen] cheering Tom on?”

That’s a great question, secret Tom Brady friend. But Romo should take it a step further; he needs to limit his time with the sex bimbo for just Mondays and Sundays after games. Why is that so hard? If I were making millions as a football star who had an opportunity to win a Super Bowl, I wouldn’t want a dating pussy cat near me until it was over. Maybe that’s just me. I thought God created prostitutes for this very reason. What other possible equation can a fan make when trying to figure out why the Dallas Cowboys offense has been so awful these last four weeks of the season? The Bimbo Factor is for real. Someone needs to address this and that someone is Mr. Romo.

Brady and Gisele have been dating for nearly a year. The friend said that if the Patriots make the Super Bowl, “Gisele will likely know enough to keep away. Unlike Jessica, she realizes football is more than just a game, it’s his career.” 

Wow. Romo needs to find himself a Gisele. Unfortunately, the headline is extremely misleading as Brady is never quoted in the damn story. So, to follow suit, I continued the misleading headline. Brady’s secret friend, probably some bad-tan guy who gets his feet scrubbed at beauty spas, makes good points. So do I. I’m sick of this controversy blowing up on the Cowboys.

If we don’t make it to the Super Bowl, the monkey is going to be on your back, Romo!

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