Dallas Cowboys: The NFL's Best Team

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After watching the New England Patriots eke out a win against the woeful Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys fans are excited to announce that there’s a new No. 1 team in the NFL.

With the Patriots struggling to win in their last two games, an argument can easily be made that the Cowboys are now the NFL’s best. Sure, the Patriots beat Dallas at home, but the Cowboys played without their top corner and have missed their No. 2 receiver all year. So how is Dallas better?

Since that loss, the Cowboys have dominated opponents by a score of 192 to 104. The defense has two of the NFL’s leading sackers in Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware. The Cowboys run the ball better with the Julius Jones-Marion Barber duo. Terrell Owens is as good a receiver as Randy Moss. Jason Witten is the best tight end in the NFL right now.

What’s this? I am biased? Hogwash. The Patriots defense allowed 24 points to a team with a second-string quarterback and an overrated running back. The week before, the Patriots defense made Eagles quarterback A.J. Freely look like a Pro Bowler. The Dallas Cowboys defense has taken on playmakers and shut them down: Adrian Peterson, Donovan McNabb, Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley, Thomas Jones, Brett Favre, Donald Driver, and the list goes on. Dallas is close to leading the league in sacks and interceptions. The Patriots are not. Dallas manhandled a team that was 10-1; the Patriots squeaked two games out against non-playoff teams. During the final stretch of the season, the Cowboys have played tougher competition with better results than the cheating Patriots

The Patriots, who will probably lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers next week, are now showing their weaknesses when they should be showing their strengths.

May Bill “Cheater” Belichick take a few plays out of the Dallas Cowboys playbook of Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett: get rid of the arrogance and stop running up the score. Karma’s a bitch, Bill. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait. Patrick Crayton wasn’t kidding around!

“I told my coach yesterday, ‘If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again,’ ” Crayton said. “If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again. Seriously, I’m not backing down from that statement. Yesterday, I told my coach that, and I’m saying it now.” Crayton said watching the tape he had a hard time “not throwing something at my TV.” In particular, he was chagrined the Cowboys didn’t better exploit a Patriots defense he considers overrated. “Offensively, they are the real deal,” he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m not going to lie about that. Defensively, I can tell you no, they’re not. They’re not (that good) at all. The only time they stopped us is when we had penalties. If that’s stopping us, it is what it is. Defensively, they are not the real deal.” He also was incensed at the cavalier attitude of the Pats and the idea that “their (expletive) don’t stink,” throwing the Colts in there as well. He didn’t appreciate the Pats celebrating by eating popcorn to mock the pregame words of receiver Terrell Owens or punching in a meaningless touchdown in the closing seconds. “You put that in the memory bank,” Crayton said. “You remember. You have a chance to sit on it, kick a field goal, whatever, and you score a touchdown. . . . You put it in the memory bank and prepare for the next time you face them.”

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